Have You Ever Seen a 'Trail Rated®' Badge on a Jeep SUV? Wondering What That Means? Allow Us to Explain!

What Does It Mean to Be 'Trail Rated®?

When you see a Trail Rated® badge on a Jeep brand 4x4 SUV like the Jeep Cherokee 4x4 or the Jeep Renegade 4x4, you may have wondered what that actually means—well, far from simply flashy badging, a Trail Rated® badge actually denotes capability in five key areas: articulation, maneuverability, ground clearance, traction, and water fording. Any Jeep brand SUV bearing the Trail Rated® badge has earned that label, and not by sending in a form or checking a box, but by proving its salt on one of the toughest trail systems in America—the Rubicon Trail in California.

Each model must prove itself in the five key areas previously mentioned, and only then does it get the right to wear a Trail Rated® badge. Pushing the limits is part of the Jeep spirit of adventure, and that's exactly why the Jeep brand tests its models on the unforgiving Rubicon Trail. If they can ford streams, maneuver around rugged terrain, clear obstacles, maintain traction, and articulate carefully over tricky surfaces, then they're ready to wear the badge. The only question now is, which model is for you?

Which Jeep Models are Trail Rated®?

So, now that you know how special it is to be Trail Rated®, you might be wondering which Jeep brand vehicles have earned this high honor. Here are the talented and capable Jeep brand SUVs who have earned their Trail Rated® badging by conquering the Rubicon Trail:


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